You can set anomalies webhooks directly in the Smartlook app. Anomalies are detected when there are sudden surges or drops in your funnel. With anomalies webhooks set up, Smartlook alerts you whenever it detects an anomaly. For more information, see Anomalies detection.

Setting up anomalies webhooks

You can start setting up your anomalies webhooks in the Smartlook app.

To set up anomalies webhooks:

  1. On your Smartlook dashboard, click Events.
  2. Create a new event, or click the edit an existing event.

Monitor anomalies button

  1. Enable Monitor anomalies.
  2. Enable Notify me via webhook to set up a webhook.
  3. Enter the Webhook URL where you want the webhook to be sent, and the optional secret for added security. For more information on secrets, see Setting a secret.
  4. Select the Alert type.
  5. In Detect, select what type of anomaly you want to detect. The options are: Surges and drops, Surges, or Drops.
  6. Click Save settings.

You are now set up in the Smartlook app and can start receiving webhooks. Your webhooks are sent as JSON in a POST HTTP request to the URL you entered during the webhook creation.

Example of an anomaly webhook:

    "template": "Absolute threshold",
    "anomalyEventName": "Errors",
    "params": {
        "projectName": "Smartlook Project",
        "projectId": "1588faqebe0e421503103a97a",
        "organizationId": "c314a9fa49ea858dfa4ebe0e",
        "projectTimeZoneId": "Europe/Prague",
        "eventId": "event_error",
        "funnelId": null,
        "direction": "up",
        "threshold": 1,
        "alertType": "eventThresholdAbsolute",
        "anomaly": {
            "date": "2021-01-01T21:59:59.999Z",
            "eventsCount": 13,
            "eventsCountDifference": 12